The Universities-Laboratories Consortium for Radiation Detection and Analysis (UL-CORDA) 
UL-CORDA's goal is building a sustainable STEM pipeline between DOE plants and national laboratories and the member institutions towards increasing the minority workforce in the Science,Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines, especially relating to the detection and analysis of chemical and radionuclides.
The consortium leverages its members’ resources, both human (faculty and researchers) and facilities, to develop programs that will enhance the education of underrepresented minority students and integrate them into STEM workforce, especially within the DOE.
MSIPP UL-CORDA comprises of education, research and outreach activities for reaching its goals, and objectives set forth to reach the goals are as follows:
1Enhance Minority Education to increase the number of students prepared for careers in nuclear radiation detection and isotope identification
We proposed to accomplish this objective through the following activities:
  • Improve and enhance the learning attitudes of pre-college students by creating active learning environments and assisting middle and high school teachers’ classroom experiences through series of workshops and trainings in core science, experiments and scientific exposures.
  • Recruit minority students into STEM disciplines using targeted innovative outreach programs to enroll High School students into the STEM disciplines, particularly nuclear science and engineering. These programs will include summer outreach programs for Middle and High school students, freshmen Bridge programs for nuclear science and experimentation-focused Science Summer Camps.
  • Enhance learning experience by providing opportunities at other academic institutions and national laboratories within the consortium for internships, workshops, nuclear facility partnerships, collaboration with existing and proven pipeline programs and fellowships for both graduate students and doctoral candidates.
  • Enhance the curricula of participating member institutions through programs that include faculty exchange, utilizing capabilities and facilities of national laboratories, establishing curricula workshops for faculty members at member institutions, development of nuclear-related multi-disciplinary senior design projects and the development of new curricula in nuclear science and engineering.
2Conduct cutting-edge research to advance the detection of radionuclides and accurate identification of radioisotopes by leveraging the members’ capabilities and facilities in the following areas
  • Radiation Detection for National Security Applications
  • Nuclear Detector Instrumentation
  • Spectral Modeling and Simulation
  • Environmental Monitoring.
  • Data Collection and Analysis Algorithms
3Create nuclear energy awareness by establishing community outreach initiatives and activities designed to increase the citizen awareness of nuclear radiation
The activities will include seminars and student involvement in the communities. The members of the consortium have existing outreach programs that, among other objectives, increase the awareness of nuclear energy, nuclear engineering and promote STEM disciplines among minority students.


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